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The Stathopoulos Family works in this sector from 1968 until the present. The father, Vasileios Stathopoulos, owned a groundnut decorticator in Sekoula in the region of ILia. For about twenty years he supplied the markets of Athens and Thessalonica with groundnuts.

Further on, in 1981, a handcraft establishment was created with a retail shop which had all the range of nuts, in downtown Athens, at 63A, Evripidou Street. In 1985, the son, Rigas Stathopoulos, takes on the family business at the age of twenty three and brings new ideas along with a different vision of management. As years went by the company’s dynamic team grew bigger and bigger and supplied an ever growing number of shops specialized in the sale of nuts.

In 1988, the company is transferred to Peristeri in a space of 600 sq. meters where its activities were broadened. The retail shop remained at the same address and was entirely taken in charge by Rigas Stathopoulos’s sister, Zacharoula Stathopoulou, along with her husband. The handcraft establishment, apart from distributing nuts in 3-5 kgs packages, ideal for the supply of shops, which resale them unpacked, introduced small packages such as 100-180 gr. sachets and 250 gr. vacuum packages. This particular choice of packages, for the smaller as for the bigger ones, contributes to the easer programming and constitutes the greatest defense of the clients. At the same time, the diversity of the products increased as new collaborations developped with diverse companies in the whole of Greece, and shops could be supplied with new products such as sugar products, chocolate treats, fruit in syrup etc.

rigas5-small-sIn 2008, the company was transferred in new ultra-modern privately-owned facilities in the Ano Liosia Industrial Park at, 12, 49th Street, with new machinery that keeps upgrading production capacities. The large distribution network with privately-owned vehicles covers the supply needs of the whole of Attica daily, and of the whole of Greece in collaboration with diverse agencies. The company’s goal is that the final product be the result of the best possible processing and of excellent quality by applying the tracking and quality control systems on the raw materials as much as on the packaging materials according to EU instructions.

rigas4-smallIt is also worth mentioning that since 2006 our corporate activities were extended also to imports giving thus to our products a competitive character via reasonable prices, in addition to the pre-existing ideal quality. Words like quality, trust and client satisfaction are the fundamental axes of our philosophy as well as the main ingredients of our success through the demands of contemporary market. 

Stathopoulou Ioanna